The Nava Rapacchietta Studio is not only made of the collaboration between Damiano Nava and Eleonora Rapacchietta, but also a team of professionals specialised in furniture and lighting design photo shoots.

The first collaboration dates back to 2009, when the Nava and Rapacchietta Studio had the opportunity to work on a project for different interior design magazines.

Over the years, the Nava Rapacchietta Studio has been designing and producing photo catalogues for a number of established companies, such as: Brühl & Sippold, Catellani & Smith, Mara, Zeitraum etc. In addition, the team has kept documenting interior design stands during exhibitions, events and fairs.

In this website you will find a selection of their more recent work. For any questions or if you would like to view past work please do not hesitate to contact them.  



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Nava Rapacchietta Photography